“Rocker Tony DeSimone’s new CD, ‘All The Roads I Walk’ is the musical highway every listener should take a stroll down. Alternative Adult Pop/Rock, with a talent, that is at the pinnacle of enjoyable and creative entertainment. Highest accolades and good wishes, on this bound to be a hit, Album Release!”
Tom Lambert- ‘The Independent Music Show’

“As We Go ‘Round the Sun” is a melodic display of awesomeness. “
Rebecca Hosking, Skope Entertainment Inc

“Tony De Simone is, without doubt, a talented songwriter….people like Jason Mraz should sit up and take note of how it should be done.”
Charles Martel, Music Emissions

“This sunny bit of guitar-rock will invite comparisons to Jack Johnson and John Maher, all while Desimone’s vocals tattoo themselves in the minds and hearts of listeners. The instrumental arrangements on this introductory track make for a dense and detailed effort; fans will be glued to their seats for the entirety of this EP (As We Go ‘Round the Sun) . “
James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine

“On The Second Time Around, the talented singer-songwriter Tony Desimone offers an imaginative and entertaining album of indie/alt melodic rock, likely better than the mainstream milieu and many of his peers. Recommended”
– Craig Hartranft, Danger Dog

“Tony DeSimone’s work on ‘The Second Time Around’ makes the listener give it a listen or two. And, it sure feels good. He has this gruffy, growling thing going on. It is rather sexy, really. This CD has a bit of everything in it – pop, electro, Americana and some pop country flavors mixed.”
– Melisa Kucirek, Suite 101

“The Second Time Around is something that bleeds red, white and blue…. Two Steps Back To You is a track that crosses over from the rock stylings that are present on much of The Second Time Around and straddles the line between soul, country, and pop music. The track defies genre convention even as it appeases anyone that is fans of these styles; Desimone’s vocals add the perfect bit of icing on the top of this composition. If you think popular music has lost its way, buy a copy of The Second Time Around and see if your opinion has not been changed. “
– James McQuiston, Neufutur

“Tony DeSimone and his new work are composed of actual talent & absolute meaning. So…I am calling out ALL THE RADIO/TV STATIONS TO GET THIS GUY IN YOUR ROTATION NOW!!”
– Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine

“Tony wraps emotion around the characters, often donning the coat of the leaver or the leavee. With a music foundation this cheerful, even bad news can be met with some degree of a smile”
– Danny, The Alternate Root Magazine

“… the kind of music for sitting outside on a nice spring day…I suggest you give his music a listen.”
— Stoli, Skope Magazine